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The Unyvero Platform

The Unyvero Platform consists of the Unyvero System and Application-specific Unyvero Cartridges. It utilizes powerful multiplex PCR technology to detect a wide variety of microorganisms and antibiotic resistance markers, from sample-to-answer in under 5 hours.

The Unyvero System

L4 Lysator

Lyse a wide variety of even difficult native samples

C8 Cockpit

Control the system, manage the testing process and display, store and share results

A50 Analyzer

Process two cartridges independently with full random-access capabilities

The Unyvero Workflow

With three basic steps, using Unyvero is simple. From sample processing to cartridge assembly and analysis, manual steps are minimized. Fewer manual steps means faster, more reliable results.

From sample to result in under 5 hours with only 2 min hands-on time

The Unyvero Application Cartridge

The Unyvero Application Cartridge contains all components required for DNA isolation, amplification of target sequences and their subsequent detection. Based on powerful multiplex PCR technology followed by microarray hybridization the Unyvero Applications offer extremely broad panels idealy suited for syndromic testing.


The homogenized and liquefied sample prepared by the Unyvero Lysator is mixed with buffers and the DNA is isolated via a purification column.


The purified DNA and all necessary reagents are distributed to eight independent PCR chambers using microfluidics. In each chamber a subset of the target sequences of the Application panel is amplified in a multiplex PCR reaction.


The amplicon detection is performed by hybridization on 8 permeable nylon membranes, each integrated with a unique 7-by-7 spot detection probe grid. With 49 spots on each of 8 chambers, the Unyvero A50 is capable of delivering the broadest panels for syndromic testing.

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