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Fast & Simple Syndromic Testing for Severe Infections - Improving Patient Outcomes

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With Unyvero, Curetis offers a rapid molecular diagnostic solution with broad coverage of pathogens and resistance markers. The fast and comprehensive results provide physicians with early, actionable answers to assist in their fight against infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistant microorganisms.

The Unyvero A50 Solution



  • from sample to answer in less than 5 hours

  • only two minutes hands-on time

  • 24/7 ready to use


  • standardized workflow

  • minimal training requirements


  • simultaneous testing for pathogens and resistance markers

  • enables faster treatment adjustments


  • 5 innovative applications for major clinical syndromes

  • wide range of sample types

Unyvero A50 Applications
Comprehensive Testing for Major Clinical Syndromes

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