Welcome from Curetis' CEO, Oliver Schacht


Dear shareholders and prospective shareholders,

by successfully completing our IPO and listing on Euronext Amsterdam and Brussels, we have reached an important milestone in our corporate history. Over the past eight years, our team has built a leading diagnostics platform called Unyvero, which is dedicated to the fast, accurate and automated detection of severe infectious diseases in hospitals and antibiotic resistances, both of which are on the rise worldwide. Despite medical progress, the fast, reliable diagnosis and informed treatment of these conditions have become major challenges for world health.
Unyvero is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of life-threatening bacterial and fungal infections within only a few hours, including the identification of all relevant pathogens and the antibiotic resistance markers they carry. Therefore, the right treatment can potentially be administered shortly after a patient reaches the hospital, thereby saving time and money and reducing the risk of complications.
From the outset, we have focused on the ease of use, robustness, and the inclusion of broad, syndromic panels of diagnostic parameters to create an attractive commercial profile for our Unyvero products. Two diagnostic applications for the rapid detection of pneumonia and implant and tissue infections are already marketed by our company and its partners in Europe, the Middle East and Russia. An application targeting lower respiratory tract infections is currently in clinical trials in the U.S. in order to obtain FDA clearance, a prerequisite for a U.S. market launch. We are also expanding into Asia with strategic partners.
With our Initial Public Offering, we have raised € 44.3 million in equity capital towards the expansion of our product pipeline and commercial organization. Our shareholders can thereby benefit from the upside potential of a growth-driven segment of the healthcare market. Specifically, the funds raised in this Initial Public Offering will be dedicated to building a commercial presence in the U.S., to developing novel diagnostic applications (blood culture testing, intra-abdominal infections / gastrointestinal tract infections, sepsis host response, tuberculosis, CNS infections and pediatrics infections, among others). 

On behalf of the entire team here at Curetis, I look forward to keeping our existing and prospective shareholders posted about our commercial expansion and development activities and future milestones. 

Best regards,
Oliver Schacht