What our Employees Say about Us ...

"I work for Curetis because innovation inspires me far more than the umpteenth generation of the same product."

"Here at Curetis, we understand the way in which users want to run their molecular diagnostics processes today."

"Curetis places importance on content and results, not on hierarchies."

"I applied to work for Curetis because I want the freedom to structure my work, to find the right suppliers and service providers, and to directly influence the service provided to our customers. Curetis provides me with an appropriate environment to do this."

"My job at Curetis is both fun and challenging."

"The team spirit at Curetis is unique."

"Curetis offers an open, comfortable atmosphere, in which everything is taken care of and you are taken seriously."

"I work for Curetis because I think the Unyvero product is outstanding and it feels good to help saving human lives."

"It's just fun to work for Curetis because it allows you to change the things that need changing and because everything is open and transparent."

"The best thing about Curetis is the people, who are not just employees, but have become a real family."

"Curetis has a great product, a great team and a great corporate culture."

"Here at Curetis we are spontaneous, flexible, open and sincere."

"I love working for Curetis because I like working with people who appreciate the varied nature of my work and I also value the trust that is placed in me. This has a positive impact on my motivation and commitment."

"The best thing about Curetis is our excellent working environment and job satisfaction, our corporate traditions, such as family celebrations, Christmas parties, cinema trips, all-company breakfasts etc., the respect with which people treat one another, the value placed on each individual, a good work/life balance, good company benefits, training opportunities and much more."

"I applied for Curetis because I was inspired by my visit to the homepage and I have been looking for a new challenge. I haven't regretted it for one moment!"

"My job at Curetis is a lucky find because it allows me a good work/life balance."